Secure Computation Function

For data-driven science to be truly effective, a wide range of research data must be available. It is, however, difficult to publish sensitive data relating to personal privacy and corporate business, and thus such data have not been utilized to their fullest extent. For the next-generation NII RDC, we design a "Secure Computation Function" that enables the safe and secure use of sensitive data.

The Secure Computation Function allows statistical analysis and machine learning on encrypted data without ever restoring the original data. The data provider encrypts sensitive data and registers it on the confidential computation server. The data user can write an analysis program using the confidential computation library to perform statistical analysis without having to know the contents of the data. This minimizes the risk of information leakage and unauthorized use, and thus is expected to promote the use of sensitive data.

At RCOS, we are currently conducting a trial of the confidential computation system for universities as part of our research to develop a secure computation function. For details, please see the following news item.

NII and NTT Launch Trial of Confidential Computation System for Universitieslink