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GakuNin LMSlink is a learning management system that serves as a platform for sharing learning content within higher education institutions and provides learning materials for research data management, which can be studied at each institution, as well as optional functions for institutional administrators, such as tracking the learning progress of learners at each institution.
In order to effectively promote open science, it is important to develop not only the system but also the human resources involved in research data management. With the cooperation of the Research Data Working Group of the Japan Consortium for Open Access Repositories (JPCOAR)link, we have created research data management micro-content materials with synthetic audio-videos and comprehension tests based on the slide materials created and published by JPCOAR, and offer various learning courses for supporting staff members and researchers on GakuNin LMS. Learners are issued with a digital badge when they complete the requirements of each course. They can also receive a certificate of completion of the research data management self-learning materialslink from the National Institute of Informatics.

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Learn as Supporting Staff

With "Design and Practice of Research Data Management Services [2022 edition]", you can learn what you need to know about how to support Research Data Management (RDM) in your institution.
Research data has a life cycle, including how it is generated, stored and finally reused. In this course, you will learn about how to design services, support before, during and after research as well as day-to-day support in a way that follows the life cycle of research data.

Reference: JPCOAR slide material, "Design and Practice of Research Data Management Services", 2nd edition.link
 ⇒ Learn "Design and Practice of Research Data Management Services [2022 edition]"link on GakuNin LMS

"Research Data Management for Information Infrastructure Staff" is a learning material for information infrastructure staff, which has been restructured and updated by members of the Research Data Management Subcommittee of the Academic eXchange for Information Environment and Strategy (AXIES), based on the slide material "Research Data Management for Researcherslink published by JPCOAR in 2020. You can learn what kind of RDM support activities are required of information infrastructure staff, as well as the knowledge and skills needed to carry out such activities.

Reference: JPCOAR slide material, "Research Data Management for Information Infrastructure Staff"link
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Learn as a Researcher

"Research Data Management for Researchers" is a learning material designed for researchers in universities and research institutions, created from the perspective of a research supporter.
It is divided into 12 thematic sections for different research data management scenarios, and is intended for researchers to gain the necessary knowledge through this material by themselves.

Learning material, "Research Data Management for Researchers"link
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Promote and Manage Learning at Your Institution

GakuNin LMS provides several optional functions for institutional administrators to promote and manage course attendance at their institutions, including a function to retrieve attendance history at each institution based on attribute information at the time of login via the Academic Access Management Federation (GakuNin)link.
For details on optional functions for institutional administrators, please see the user support site (GakuNin LMS Optional Functions)link.

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