Human Resource Development

Gakunin LMS
To effectively promote open science, it is important to develop systems and human resources for research data management. The Gakunin LMS is an educational platform that provides research data management materials that can be studied at each institution as a platform for sharing educational materials and content and provides a learning environment that allows each institution to check its learners' status. The educational materials handled by Gakunin LMS are reorganized as video content based on the educational materials "Design and Practice of Research Data Management Services" and "Research Data Management for Researchers" created by the Japan Public Corporation for Open Access Repositories (JPCOAR).

Learn as a Support Person

In the "Design and Practice of Research Data Management Services" course, you will learn what you need to know to support research data management. Research data has a lifecycle: how it is generated, stored, and finally reused. In this course, you will learn about service design, pre-research support, in-research support, post-research support, and day-to-day support in a way that follows the research data lifecycle.

Learning Course "Design and Practice of Research Data Management Services" 2nd Edition

Learn as a Researcher

In "Research Data Management for Researchers," researchers at universities and research institutions can learn the knowledge required for each situation in research data management. The textbook is divided into thematic sections to provide the necessary expertise efficiently.

Learning Course "Research Data Management for Researchers"

Promote and Manage the Learning of Students at the Institution.

GakuNin LMS allows the person in charge of the institution to view students' enrollment status at each institution based on their login information linked to GakuNin Federation. This supports systematic course management by the person in charge of the institution and provides primary data for efficient provision and evaluation of course materials according to the students' attributes.