Secure Storage Environment

The Secure Storage Environment is a storage infrastructure that is linked to the NII Research Data Cloud (NII RDC). It provides management tools and an infrastructure environment that can be used with peace of mind when handling sensitive information. In addition to the existing research data management and publishing platforms, we are also working on integrating the system to the group of applications, which are developed as data analysis functions, so that they can be used in the Secure Storage Environment in the future.

Store and Share Sensitive Data in a Secure Storage Environment

The Secure Storage Environment employs an "iron wall" mechanism with multiple barriers, including a data protection mechanism based on encryption technology, authentication and authorization control and a system that isolates data access routes and data storage area resources for each user. It enables both data sharing and data protection by controlling multiple barriers. The infrastructure is physically blocked from intrusion by means of dedicated hardware installed in a controlled and dedicated space within a data center and is connected to the outside world only by a communication channel directly connected to the user institutions via the SINET's virtual private network. In this way, it provides a secure storage infrastructure environment for storing and sharing research data, including sensitive information, without worry.