Code Package Function

The "Code Package Function" is one of the advanced functions of the next-generation NII RDC, and aim to solve researchers' problems around programs and execution environments, and to create a world in which data and codes circulate smoothly.
The Code Package Function consists of (1) a function to build execution environments, (2) a function to import computers ("Bring-Your-Own-Computer" function), and (3) a function for computational reproduction packages.


Function to Build Execution Environments

This function enables you to specify the middleware and packages required for the execution of a program on the GakuNin RDM screen, and to automatically build an execution environment (container) with these installed on the NII cloud. It supports JupyterLab and RStudio as standard execution environments.


"Bring-Your-Own-Computer" Function

This function enables you to choose a computer other than that of the NII as the destination for building the execution environment. This allows seamless access from GakuNin RDM to shared computers and other equipment owned by institutions. We are also developing functions that allow the use of supercomputers and other equipment via workflow engine and batch schedulers.

Function for Computational Reproduction Packages

This function enables you to group together data, programs and execution environment definitions, which are managed on GakuNin RDM, and to publish them in a repository as a "computational reproduction package". By obtaining this package, anyone can reconstruct the execution environment in which the program runs and reproduce the research results. This function is currently under development.

The Code Package Function is provided as an extension of GakuNin RDM at an institutional level (an application for use must be submitted by each institution). Please refer to the GakuNin RDM Support Portallink for details on how to apply and use these functions.