Computational Services

The NII RDC Computational Services enable a researcher to create a package that contains his/her data processing program together with its execution environment so that it can be easily reused by other researchers or students. The package is stored in GakuNin RDM and shared within a group, or publicated in WEKO3 or GitHub and made available to other researchers. This will allow us to easily reproduce the analysis methods of previous studies and immediately start advanced research on top of them.
Currently, as an experimental service, we are providing a basic data analysis environment including Jupyter Notebook and RStudio to researchers at academic institutions in Japan. In the future, we aim to enable a researcher to analyze his/her data stored in NII RDC using large computing facilities owned by universities and research institutions.

Ensure the Reproducibility of a Research Outcome

In order to ensure the reliability of results published in papers, researchers are required to publish the data on which they base their findings. However, unless the programs used to process the data are also made available, other researchers will not be able to reproduce the results. With the NII RDC Computational Services, the program used for data processing and its execution environment can be packaged, linked to the paper and data, and publicated so that the results can be reproduced by anyone.

Share Data Processing Environment with Collaborators

In order to develop and execute a program, an execution environment including hardware and middleware must be properly provisioned, which is a difficult task for many researchers. With the NII RDC Computational Services, the execution environment can be packaged and stored in GakuNin RDM, and collaborators and/or students can rebuild the same execution environment with a single click.

Distribute a Programming Environment for Training

In a class or seminar where many students or participants are required to practice programming, it takes a lot of effort to set up a programming environment on each individual computer. With NII RDC Computational Services, there is no need to install any software on the student's computer. The student can recreate the instructor's programming environment in the cloud with a single click and start using Jupyter Notebook and RStudio immediately.