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GakuNin RDM (Research Data Management Platform)

GakuninRDM.png (https://rdm.nii.ac.jplink)

GakuNin RDMlink is a research data management platform that provides an environment within which individual researchers or research groups can manage their research data and relevant files during a research project. It works in a closed setting where files can be version and access controlled among project members. File modifications will be tracked and long-term preservation will be provided for research integrity purposes. RDM stands for "research data management," and is increasingly required in the context of Open Science in recent years.

GakuNin RDM

Change the Research Style of Researchers

GakuNin RDM enables research data to be quickly managed and shared by multiple researchers across organizations. Thus, in addition to being used for individual research activities, it can serve as a hub for joint research, and used flexibly for research projects of various sizes and fields. Moreover, it is highly scalable and can be linked with cloud storage and external tools that are often used by researchers. GakuNin RDM also partakes in the Academic Access Management Federation in Japan (GakuNin), and allows users to log in to the same environment as usual and use the service even while teleworking or during business trips.

Prevent Research Misconduct

GakuNin RDM features a trail management function that uses time stamps from a third-party time authentication authority, allowing one to prove that the data stored in a system existed at a particular time. This is also a powerful function from the perspective of research integrity. For academic institutions, centralized management of research data on a common infrastructure system can be expected to enhance the data governance of academic institutions. Suppose you are an academic institution or a private company participating in a publicly funded research project. In that case, you can quickly introduce this service as an organization by submitting an application for use and linking the authentication system.