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GakuNin RDM (Research Data Management Platform)

GakuninRDM.png (https://rdm.nii.ac.jplink)

GakuNin RDMlink is a research data management service for researchers to manage and share their research data and related materials. It enables researchers to start sharing data with collaborators in its closed file system. They can store the files generated from a research project, manage versions, control access within the members, and register and manage metadata. It can also record research trails as a response to research integrity. RDM means research data management.

GakuNin RDM

Transform the Research Style for Researchers

GakuNin RDM enables quick management and sharing of research data with multiple researchers across institutions, allowing it to be used flexibly not only for individual research activities, but also for research projects of diverse sizes and disciplines as a hub for collaborative research. It is also scalable to link with cloud storage, data analysis tools and institutional storage used by researchers. This service also supports single sign-on, such as the Academic Access Management Federation in Japan (GakuNin)link, allowing users to log in and use the service in the same environment as usual even when working remotely or on a business trip.

Prevent Research Misconduct

GakuNin RDM has a trail management function that uses the timestamping service provided by a third-party Time Stamping Authority, enabling to prove that the data stored in the system existed at a certain time. This is a useful feature from the perspective of research integrity. For institutions, this means that they can expect better data governance of their organization by centrally managing their research data on a common infrastructure system. Academic institutions and private companies participating in publicly funded research projects can also implement this service as institutions by linking their application and authentication systems.

Please refer to "Application for Participation" in the GakuNin RDM Support Portal.link for details.