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Overview of the NII-Open Science Infrastructure

The NII-Open Science Infrastructure serves as an e-infrastructure where research data and other related files can be managed, stored, and discovered.
The infrastructure consists of three unique platforms: a research data management platform (GakuNin RDM), a repository platform (WEKO3), and a discovery platform (CiNii Research). These are set up to serve researchers throughout the different research stages: 1) a researcher or a research group sets up a project in the research data management platform (GakuNin RDM) at the start of a research project and stores, manages, and shares files with the research collaborators on this platform; 2) upon finishing of a research project, research outputs to be made openly available are decided, and the related files are copied on to the repository platform (WEKO3); 3) the academic resources in the repository platform are made findable through the discovery platform (CiNii Research) and can then be utilized by other researchers for conceiving new ideas and finding research materials for his/her own research.

Research Data Management Platform (GakuNin RDM)

GakuNin RDM, our research data management platform, provides an environment within which individual researchers or research groups can manage their research data and relevant files during a research project. It works in a closed setting where files can be version and access controlled among project members. File modifications will be tracked and long-term preservation will be provided for research integrity purposes. Researchers affiliated with GakuNin-member research institutions in Japan can use the platform with Shibboleth single sign-on settings.

Repository Platform (WEKO3)

WEKO3, our repository platform, is a platform where academic resources such as research publications, gray literature, theses, research data, and any other resources which researchers have decided to make openly accessible are stored and published. The relevant files are deposited in the institutional repository operated by the researcher's affiliated institution. If the institution uses JAIRO Cloud, which is a nationally provided institutional repository cloud service jointly provided by the Japan Consortium for Open Access Repository (JPCOAR) and NII, the resources are deposited here. Digital object identifiers (DOI) can be added and the relationship between the research publication and data maintained, thereby making the academic resources more reusable. The usage of digital contents on the repository platform is tracked and the relevant statistics are provided to the institution and researchers.

Discovery Platform (CiNii Research)

CiNii Research, our discovery platform, is a platform for discovering academic resources such as research publications, gray literature, theses, research data, and other resources. It harvests metadata from the institutional repositories and other open databases and enables cross-searching. Through the knowledge graph, it captures the landscape of academic resources in detail. CiNii Research will be the next-generation search engine used by Japanese researchers to conduct research.

Research Data Infrastructure