Data Governance Platform

(The text on this page is scheduled to be revised in May 2023.)

The NII DMP System (tentative name) is a research data governance infrastructure for systematic planning, execution, and monitoring of research data management. Data governance is the control (planning, execution, and monitoring) of how research data is produced, stored, and used as an organization's intellectual asset. It enables researchers to automatically set up a research data environment using other infrastructures of the NII RDC according to their planning scheme. It also allows organizations to monitor the status of research data management and use it for compliance checks.

Maintain a Research Data Environment Easily

In order to manage, utilize, and publish research data, researchers should select appropriate software and storage according to their own research data management plan. They also need to comply with the data policies of their institutions and research funding agencies, which requires a great deal of knowledge, effort, and judgment on the part of researchers. Therefore, if the research data infrastructure can understand the policies and plans that researchers must follow, and automatically select and configure tools and storage that meet the requirements, it can promote both research efficiency and research fairness. The NII DMP System (tentative name) will provide researchers with the ability to easily create a research data management plan and automatically set up a research data environment using the other infrastructure of the NII RDC.

Monitor the Research Data Management Status of Researchers at the Institution

In order to achieve data governance, academic institutions should continuously monitor the research data management status of their researchers to understand what research data is being generated, managed, published, and reused as assets within the organization. Manually checking these tasks can be a huge burden for both the institution and the researchers. Therefore, the Data Governance Platform aims to semi-automatically collect research data information from the research data environment, and to support the generation of statistical information and reports. It also aims to promote the further development of academic institutions by utilizing the collected information on data assets for their management and procurement of information infrastructure.