Data Provenance Function

The data provenance function enables the accurate identification of the origin of research data and the maintenance of reliability through the management of a historical record trail that accounts for the origin of the research data. This function links each research data using various information recorded during their generation, processing and use (time, operations, input data, parameters, operators, etc.), and enables the tracing of the history of research data, thereby guaranteeing its authenticity.

Demonstrate that There Is No Data Fraud in a Paper

With regards to research integrity, it is sometimes required to demonstrate that there is no fraud in the data presented in a paper, etc. The data provenance function enables you to extract the historical record trail of the research data process from its generation to processing, allowing you to provide objective evidence that the data is free from fraud.

Understand How and Where Research Data Has Been Used

By using a historical record of research data, it is possible to track where and how the research data has been used. If a greater number of research results are produced from the secondary use of research data generated by researchers, this may lead to the evaluation of the researchers, and will encourage the further use of the research data, and furthermore, promote open science.