Our Mission

The mission of the NII Research Center for Open Science and Data Platform (RCOS) is to serve as a cornerstone for the promotion of open science in Japan by building a research data infrastructure for managing, publishing and searching academic papers and research data from academic research activities throughout Japan.

With the research data infrastructure that we develop and provide at RCOS, we strive to facilitate research activities in Japan, and to manage, share and reuse the research results without them being lost even after the completion of research projects.

Our Principles

01 Our utmost priority is to ensure that research activities in Japan, including international joint research activities, are conducted in a truly smooth manner.

02 We ensure that you can decide the extent of making the research results open, depending on the individual circumstances of the research group and the content of the research.

03 We strive to expand the use of research results from Japanese research activities both in academia and society so that it leads to address challenges in research activities and in the wider society in Japan.