Discovery Platform (CiNii Research)

CiNii Research, our discovery platform, is a platform for discovering academic resources such as research publications, gray literature, theses, research data, and other resources. It harvests metadata from the institutional repositories and other open databases and enables cross-searching. Through the knowledge graph, it captures the landscape of academic resources in detail. CiNii Research will be the next-generation search engine used by Japanese researchers to conduct research.

The Open Science ideal is based on the belief that openness in scholarship will lead to progress in new research. Research data and publications made openly available unlock the possibility that they can be used by other researchers from different perspectives and purposes than were envisioned when they were originally generated. This is especially relevant when vast amounts of data are produced, and as we are now entering the new research paradigm termed "data-intensive science." Such reuse of data is expected to lead to increased progress especially in interdisciplinary research, social issue problem-solving, and industrial innovations.

To encourage the reuse of research data, however, it is not enough to simply make them openly available on the Internet. To make them findable, the scholarship needs to be put on a widely used discovery service with proper metadata, and the result must be laid out in a sophisticated way in order to facilitate in-depth understanding of the field being sought and to be used for new study. CiNii Research will serve as a platform for researchers covering a wide variety of research interests. The research data and other related information will be curated and proper metadata added, possibly by university librarians, URAs (University Research Administrators), and database administrators in Japan.