CiNii Research (Discovery Platform)

CiNiiResearch.png (https://cir.nii.ac.jp/enlink)

CiNii Researchlink (search platform) is the largest academic information search service in Japan. It allows users to search not only for research results and articles registered in the public infrastructure but also for books, research data, researchers who produced those results, and information on research projects. This academic information forms a large knowledge graph internally and responds to researchers' various means of discovery, producing nimble operations and deep insights. Along with CiNii, the academic information navigator that has been provided by NII so far, it provides a function to explore the whole picture of academic activities.

Discover Academic Information and Use It for Research

In recent years, the concept of open science has led to the reuse of research data, which is expected to advance research along new axes. An enormous amount of data is being generated in a short period, and data-driven research is producing results one after another. It is believed that creating an environment where more research data can be analyzed will contribute to the development of such studies. Even if the researchers who produced the research data themselves have already conducted diverse data analysis, discoveries can be found when approached by researchers with different perspectives. New innovations through open science are expected in interdisciplinary research that spans multiple fields, as well as in research for industrial applications. Also in fields where data is produced, deeper insights are expected to be possible by combining various data sets from the same research area.

Make Academic Information Easier to Find

In order to promote the reuse of research data, it is not enough to publish research data. It is necessary to assign appropriate metadata and improve the data's appearance to make it easier for users to use. This kind of curation requires not only knowledge of the specialized field of research data but also knowledge and skills in research data management methodologies. In Japan, university librarians, URAs (University Research Administrators), and database administrators are expected to do this. In order to improve the quality of scattered academic information, CiNii Research will deepen the cooperative relationship with these people.