Policy Developments on Open Science in Japan

Since the signing of the joint statement on open scientific research data at the G8 Science Minister's meeting in 2013, several policy developments on Open Science have taken place in Japan. Listed below are the major policy papers and reports on Open Science in Japan, including that of the Science Council of Japan (SCJ), which indicates the viewpoint of academics. Policy papers on "Open Access to Research Publications" and "Long-term Preservation of Research Data," which share the ideals of Open Science, are also listed.

Policy Developments in Japan

June 2013 A joint statement by the G8 Science Ministers on making research data open ⇒ Japan signed the statement
March 2015 Cabinet Office, "Promoting Open Science in Japan"
⇒ Follow-up discussions have been take place since 2015
January 2016 "The 5th Science and Technology Basic Plan" (In Japanese)
⇒ Open Science has been promoted in order to reinforce the intellectual infrastructure
February 2016 Council for Science and Technology, "Promoting Open Access to Academic Information" (In Japanese)
May 2016 G7 Science and Technology Ministers' Meeting, "Tsukuba Communiqué"
July 2016 Science Council of Japan (SCJ), "Recommendations Concerning an Approach to Open Science that Will Contributes to Open Innovation"
March 2017 Japan Society for Promotion of Science, "Open Access Policy on JSPS Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research" (In Japanese)
April 2017 Japan Science and Technology Agency, "JST Policy on Open Access to Research Publications and Research Data Management"
June 2017 Cabinet Office, "Comprehensive Strategy for Scientific and Technological Innovation 2017" (In Japanese)
June 2018 Cabinet Office, "Integrated Innovation Strategy" (In Japanese)
June 2018 Headquarters for Japan's Economic Revitalization, "Growth Strategy 2018 - Reform towards Society 5.0 and Data-driven Society"
June 2018 Cabinet Office, "Guideline for Establishing Data Policy at National Research and Development Agencies" (In Japanese)